Elizabeth Hurley Spends Time With Her Kids

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Has the title intrigued you? It should, as everybody knows that Elizabeth Hurley only has one son – Damian,  from her affair with producer Stephen Bing. Well, the news is that Elizabeth Hurley is engaged. She and Aussie Shane Warne, a cricket player decided to marry and are headed down the isle. So, they are starting a family. Included in this family is not just the only child of Elizabeth Hurley, but also the Australian’s kids. He is the father of three children from a previous relationship and as he is really close to them and a hands-on dad, he wants to make sure his kids feel great with Elizabeth Hurley. That is why Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley took their kids at a themed park in Australia. This way, they all bonded. They spent a great day in the amusement park and the three children of Warne got to know Elizabeth Hurley better.

He also bonded with Damien, her son, as he will soon be his step father – an important figure in his life. The couple seemed very happy and in love and engaged in something that most journalists named “very public PDA”. However, it surely was more than public display of affection, as Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne were very loving and affectionate even with their kids. As such a change is dramatic for children, the couple hopes their blended family will get along very well after their marriage in the next months.

The parents were too scared to really enjoy the rides, but the little ones were extremely happy in this fun-filled day. The themed park gave them the opportunity to know each other better and to have fun in an uncommon place, far away of the agitation induced by paparazzi that are always one step behind. Elizabeth Hurley was very excited about this day spent with her growing family, so, she even took the news to twitter. The model let her fans know that she had fun, but the rides scared her and Scooby Doo is more than enough for her. As they all observed after her nice tweet, Elizabeth Hurley is a very hands-on and dedicated mother.

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