Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne

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If you live in the United States, you may have never heard of Shane Warne. However, a lot of people outside of the United States are well aware of who this man is. The reason is because although he is now retired, in his prime he was one of the best cricket players in the world. In addition to being a very good cricket player, he also gained a lot of notoriety for his bad boy antics away from the game. This included cheating on his wife and getting involved in illegal cricket betting.

While Shane Warne is now retired from the game of cricket, it doesn’t seem like he is letting this slow down his personal life. In addition to broadcasting his thoughts to nearly 350,000 Twitter followers, Warne has recently been involved in a relationship with the beautiful Elizabeth Hurley. When reports first started surfacing that the two were an actual couple, the media portrayed them as two people who were falling deeply in love with each other. While it appears this was true for awhile, things did not stay on track. According to recent reports, Warne fell back into his bad boy ways by cheating on Hurley with a young porn star.

While countless men across the globe would love to have Ms. Hurley on their arm, it’s unfortunate that so many men who have had a chance with her have ended up cheating on her. In addition to Warne, other notable men who have cheated on her include Hugh Grant and Steven Bing.

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